Laurie's newest work is on display!

Laurie's newest work is on display!

Sea Cliff, Gaff Point, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia

"On a memorable hike around Gaff Point a few years back, I came a upon this striking view of water and land, dramatic in all its glory, and I knew that one day I would try to capture it in one of my works in fabric.

I remember my fellow companions calling out to me not to go too close to the edge, since in my enthusiasm I had not seen a warning sign indicating that the overhanging ground beneath me was unstable. I still recall turning around and seeing them beckoning me back and pointing to the sign.

The challenge of this work was to capture the texture of the undergrowth as well as the roiling sea and the froth of the crashing waves. The power of the sea, even on a relatively calm day, should be respected. I hope the viewer can almost feel the breeze and hear and enjoy the roar of those waves as they meet the shore."

-- Laurie Swim

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