Buying Art At Home - Bespoke Gallery Services

Buying Art At Home - Bespoke Gallery Services

A piece of art, as you may know, doesn’t just sit in a room. It acts as an anchor—bringing personality to a room, starting conversations and setting the tone for the way you enjoy your space.

As such, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right piece of art. How will that art fit in with your room? And should the work be looked at horizontally or vertically? Will it fit in the space or will it offset the balance of the room? What will the new piece look like next to other works in your collection?

These questions make buying a piece of art from a Gallery hard sometimes. Before the pandemic, some buyers would come to the gallery many times over to observe the work in different light, against different backgrounds and discuss placement with us.

As times have changed over the last year, we’ve changed with them. If you’ve had these concerns about a new piece of art in your home, we have ‘in home’ viewing services to help you.

New Art At Home

Bringing a new piece of art home to your collection is exciting, especially when you’ve found the perfect addition to your collection portfolio. But there is also the anxiety around whether that piece of art will continue to make your heart sing when you get it installed at home.

For example, we recently had a lovely couple looking at one of Laurie Swim’s major textile pieces. It is a large piece of work with bold images and strong colours. Laurie had spent months working on the artwork and it is considered a true masterpiece, with a price tag that reflects Laurie’s status as an influential Canadian artist.

It was understandable that the buyers would have questions about more than the effect acquiring this piece would have on their art portfolio. They wondered:
  • How would this piece work in their home, amongst their other collectibles?
  • Which wall would it look best on?
  • How should it be lit?
  • What would happen if they didn’t like it once it had been purchased?

Making a decision around any of these questions can be nerve-wracking when you’re standing in a gallery trying to have a candid conversation.

In-Home Services

One way to handle these concerns is to engage in our in-home services. We work with our collectors by bringing the work into your home so you can take the time you need to make your decision.

Step 1: Visit us in the gallery or view available works online. You can book an appointment for a private viewing here, or contact us to find out more about any piece of work. We’ll schedule a call to discuss the artist, your collection portfolio (and how the work will add to it) as well as discussing the work you’re interested in at length.

Step 2: Book your in-home service. Our Gallery management will bring the piece (or pieces) in question to your home—following COVID19 guidelines by using masks, gloves and maintaining appropriate distance—at a time that works best for you.

Step 3: Installation. Our Gallery management works with our collectors on choosing the perfect placement. This ranges from where to place it in your home, proper lighting and surrounding colours, any small changes that can be made to help the work fit with your current decor and more.

Step 4: Enjoy the work for a few days. Being able to live with the new work and engage in meaningful, private dialogue about it is vital to our collectors when it comes to adding to their portfolio. This opportunity to live with the work for a couple of days allows them to feel confident in their purchase.

What if it’s not right?

The greatest fear for some collectors is that a piece of work won’t fit after a couple of days. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We’ll be happy to collect the pieces that aren’t fitting with your space and hopefully find another piece of Nova Scotian art that will work for you.

Understanding the positive impacts that art has on our collector’s lives, it’s our ultimate goal is to help you find a piece of art by a Nova Scotian artist that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Want to find your newest piece of art—or even your first piece? Our regular open hours will be starting in May, but you can contact us to set up your private in-person or virtual viewing at the time that works best for you before then.

We look forward to helping you find your next piece of original, Nova Scotian art.
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