April 2020 Update and New Items!

April 2020 Update and New Items!

Hello friends! It seems like it’s been a long time since we met and we hope you are doing well, staying healthy and keeping connected with what’s important. Laurie has been no less productive than usual as she waits, like all of us, for the time when we can all come together in our communities again.

One way that we can still communicate is through that trusted medium of writing a good old-fashioned letter! Hand-written notes are never affected by the frailties of “technical issues” and they’re always thrilling to receive! In that spirit, we are happy to let you know we have two new note cards for sale based on Laurie’s latest works, Sea Cliff and Facing the Sea.

Sea Cliff is a powerful vignette depicting the meeting of sea and land at Gaff Point, a popular local hiking spot. Facing the Sea illustrates the traditional tendency of Nova Scotia homes to be built facing the Atlantic Ocean—looking both to an important source of subsistence for Nova Scotian families and also for keeping a vigil for returning husbands who were the traditional seafaring providers.

Like you, we are looking forward to a time soon when this crisis will end, when the sense of anxiety we’re all feeling abates. We are always delighted to hear from you. Drop us a line or leave a comment on our social media to let us know how you’re doing—we’re always thinking about you!

Facing the Sea

Sea Cliffs

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